1. More Than Ever

From the recording Unshakeable

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A declaration of our need for God in every area of our lives, and for Him to change us and help us live for His purpose and glory.


More Than Ever
Verse 1
Let us hear Your, voice speaking
Know Your hand leading
Feel Your love reaching
Where we are
Let us see Your light shining
And Your truth guiding
Keep Your word hiding in our hearts
Lord we need You, more than ever
Need Your presence, filling up our lives
Make us holy, living only
For the glory of Your name, Lord Jesus Christ
Verse 2
Help us to be Christ seekers
Precious faith keepers
Word Of Life speakers
Where we go
Givers of Your grace freely
Serving You daily
Often found kneeling at Your throne
Verse 3
Jesus help us keep growing
So there’s fruit showing
With the peace flowing
You impart
Offering Your praise singing
With New hope bringing
And Your joy ringing in our hearts
©️ Cyndi Aarrestad, April 21, 2020