Looking for a unique gift for a special occasion? 

I would be honoured to write a song for you.

A personalized song can touch the heart and add a memorable touch like nothing else can!!


Whether you're looking for something light-hearted, emotional, nostalgic, romantic, or informative, 

I can craft just the song you're searching for

and I will work with you to tell your story!


   Below, you can watch a sampling of  the song videos I have made, 

to give you a taste of my musical style and content.



I have written countless original songs for 

weddings, anniversaries, graduations, memorials, reunions, birthdays, etc., 

and I will be adding a few lyric samples soon,

so please check back to see those!


Below, you can watch some of the song videos I have made.


Please use the form below for inquiries and quotes.