Songwriting is such a huge part of who I am, but I also enjoy writing short meditations and lessons learned along the way.  These often present themselves in everyday situations, and if I'm listening, I can hear or see what God is teaching me.  I share them in this blog, with the hope that they will speak into your heart, encourage you to watch for God in the moments He gives us, and that you will feel the wonder of His patient, loving heart - ready to reveal new treasures and pour out His blessings when our eyes are on Him!

Small Openings and Being Vigilant


Well, I wasn’t a happy camper last week when I discovered mice not only in the garage, but in the house. It’s not surprising that it happened this time of year, when the nights start getting cooler, but up until…

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Rainy Days and Living Water




Rainy days - many in a row!  Over 3 inches came down and the thirsty ground is now saturated, leaving puddles and rivulets everywhere.  The crops and gardens were mostly in, and desperate for moisture, so we are truly grateful…

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Snowbound Creativity


                                                        Our turnaround is a little drifted in this morning!!


We have had quite the winter here in Saskatchewan.  With a month long stretch of -30 to -40 weather in December and January, plus more snow in December than we've had…

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Unproductive Grapevines

The south end of our house is sheltered from the strongest winds and provides a sunny spot to grow vines.  I planted some kiwis this spring in the hopes of harvesting fruit from them in a couple years.  We’ll see…

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Haskap Meditations

I’ve had so many thoughts, meditations and songs going through my mind of late.  It’s been a very hectic couple weeks, so have not had time to sit down and expand on them until now. 

In the middle of the…

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The Rain Barrel

The Rain Barrel 

Early this morning I woke up and almost immediately a simple analogy dropped into my heart.  I wasn’t thinking about it – it simply came to my mind.  A God breathed inspiration. 

I recently bought a new…

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God's "Green Room"

God’s “Green Room”

God is the ultimate “recycler”!  He uses everything we experience or journey through to shape us, teach us and equip us for future encounters.  He is often preparing us even when we don’t realize it.  Nothing is…

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Praise Anyway!


Well, it's May 2nd, but spring seems very far away right now!  Snowing the last two days, and our once dry yard is now covered in a new blanket of heavy, wet snow!  In everything give thanks, right?!  We can…

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Answers to Fervent Prayer

Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.  Jeremiah 33:3 (NKJV)

Then you will call upon Me and go and pray to Me, and I will listen to…

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Filling up at the Well

This song expresses what I’ve been experiencing of late.  The deep need for more of God, and my awareness of my complete dependence on Hm.

So the recurring theme that’s been speaking to my heart and life the last…

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We all understand the fragility of life, the uncertainty of every moment and the speed at which things can change. 

We see it all around us in tragic accidents, natural disasters and unexpected circumstances. 

We might prepare ourselves as best as we can, but really, there is only so much we can do.  So very much is out of our control and beyond our ability to anticipate or handle.  

We see the sudden destructive forces of nature in storms, flash flooding, fires, hurricanes, tornados, volcanoes, mudslides, etc.  What has taken years to develop, build or grow, is gone or changed in an instant.  Lives are turned upside down, landscapes are transformed, jobs are washed away, and security becomes an illusion. 

We recently experienced this on a small scale.  A severe storm system moved through our area, and when repeated tornado warnings blared on our phones, and the wind, rain and hail grew wilder, we headed downstairs.  It passed quickly, followed by an eerie stillness, but left a trail of fractured or flattened trees and gardens, tossed yard furniture, twisted metal, and downed power poles.  We went outside to survey the damage, and the landscape was different.  Trees that had towered above our backyard for over 30 years were driven into the ground, branches strewn everywhere.  Our firepit chairs were overturned and flung about.  The rink boards were blown down and the back wall of the tin woodshed was pushed out.  All in all, nothing life shattering, which we are so grateful for, but a mess to clean up in any case.  And, yet, so minor in comparison to what many others are facing.  

The sheer power of the wind was evidenced by the destruction it left behind.  Just a few moments of time had elapsed, but years of growth were wiped out.  A demonstration of our inability to stop the storm and prevent sudden changes. 

But, we had prayed.  We had asked God for His protection, and we had gone to the One who CAN control what we cannot.  I fully recognize that He allows things that we do not understand or want, and that there is so much heartache and pain that can result.  BUT, He is able to keep us THROUGH those storms.  He is the refuge we can turn to ALWAYS, the fortress we can run into, the shelter where we are held and secure.  I know there could have been a different outcome.  But I also know God would have been there.  He does not abandon His children.  

It was just a vivid reminder of why we need to live each moment in the light of our utter dependence on God.  To live holding the things of this world loosely, because they can be gone in an instant.  To live knowing what will endure for eternity, and to make choices each day to reflect that.  To be grateful for our loved ones and all the blessings He pours over us. To determine that we will honour Him with every moment we are given, and store up treasure that can never be destroyed. 

We never know what a day might bring, so we value what will endure forever, and keep our trust and confidence firmly in the One who is from Everlasting to Everlasting!