Looking for some unique wooden wall decor?  Below you can find listings of some of my projects and at the bottom of the page there are pictures of many more.  There are a variety of scrollsaw wall word art hangings, standing word art, ornaments, nature and wildlife scenes, wooden candle sets, trivets, puzzles, seasonal decor and more!

I have a variety of completed projects, and am currently in the process of uploading all the pictures.  I can do custom orders, so if you have something you want, feel free to send me a message in the form below, and I'll see what I can do!  Also, you can view a couple of my "Scrolling With Cyndi" workshop videos below, if you are interested in the process I use to make these wood creations.  This creative outlet is continually evolving - as I find new types of patterns, design a few of my own and develop new skills, such as woodburning and dremel carving.  I am so grateful for my husband's encouragement and assistance in the shop, and the joy of building together!


You can also  find many of my projects on my Facebook Business Page under




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