My name is Cyndi Aarrestad, and I am a  singer/songwriter and mom living on a farm near a small community in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada .  I am married to Dennis, and together we have raised three precious children, who are now young adults. We love spending time together exploring God's great outdoors, which I often try and capture with my camera, and I enjoy taking care of a large garden and yard, doing scroll-saw deco art in our workshop, and especially, making music!

I grew up in a Christian family where singing and music were always a part of our home.  Both of my parents played multiple instruments and all of us children learned to play several as well.  We often sang at senior’s homes and other special events.  At about age 14 I started writing songs on the piano, and later learned the guitar which is now what I usually play and compose with.  Many of the songs I write are simple praise and worship and/or scripture choruses and children’s songs, but I have also written numerous full-length songs with a style I would describe as a combination of inpirational/praise & worship/southern/country gospel/folk.  I have also written and performed many songs customized for special events, such as weddings, dedications, anniversaries, family reunions, Christmas programs, funerals, etc..  I have written over 2,300 songs, and have made 11 recordings in a friend’s home studio, as well as my latest 16, which were self-recorded at my home.  I am continually expanding the sites where the music is available for streaming and have growing international radio airplay, with 3 songs making it onto the European Country Music charts. 

I am grateful to God for allowing me to be a recipient of new songs from His heart, for enabling me to share them and for giving me the opportunity to be a conduit of blessing.  I honestly take no credit for writing the songs and hesitate to even say they are “my” songs, as most of them just drop into my heart.  Often the Lord uses a portion of scripture, part of a message or something someone says to inspire a song, and many times they are born through a time of prayer or praise.  I know full well that I have been given this gift from my Father and so often am humbled and amazed by how He simply opens up my heart and pours the music in.

My true desire is to faithfully be a good steward of what I have been entrusted with, and humbly offer what I have been given, in the hopes that Christ would be magnified and that His Word in song would bless and edify others.   

My latest release, called “Made To Worship, Vol. 2”, was released in May, 2024, is a self-recorded, follow-up to Vol 1.  It features more heartfelt, simple praise & worship songs in a variety of styles, with guitar, ukelele, dulcimer and keyboard backing and a few family and friends contributing to the vocals.

As well as creating music, I also produce scrollsaw and other wood art. Recently, I have been adding items to my new page here (Scrollsaw Art) and will continue to update it as new items become available.  It's another way I can express my God-given creativity, and share the beauty of God's creation as well as reminders of His word and truth. 

I have also done some article writing relating to our Christian walk and have had several articles published.  I share these too,  as well as a blog of life/music/woodwork lessons, that I trust will be a window into my heart and an encouragement to the reader.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site.  I hope you will find a blessing here and I would greatly appreciate any feedback you could give.

God Bless!