From the recording Unshakeable

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This song was written while playing guitar, worshipping God in my prayer room. A call for us to turn away from sin and turn to God whole-heartedly.


Turn Our Hearts
Verse 1
Turn our hearts to You
Spirit come renew
Jesus draw us to Your side
Turn our hearts to You
So Your life flows through
And in You Lord we’ll abide
Turn our hearts Lord
Make us wholly Yours
Vessels in Your hand
Turn our hearts Lord
So what we live for
Is to follow Your commands
Verse 2
Turn our hearts to You
So in all we do
Lord we'll magnify Your name
Turn our hearts to You
So that we will move
When You show to us the way
Turn away from sin, turn away from pride
Turn away from self, turn away from lies
Turn away from hate, bitterness and strife
Turn away from darkness, and turn to Light and Life
Bridge 2
Follow what You do, follow what You say
Follow where You go, follow and obey
Follow when it’s dark and we can’t see the way
Follow as we're learning, to trust in You always
©️ Cyndi Aarrestad, July 7, 2020 B2-February 4, 2021