From the recording My Little Boy's Gone

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This original song was written for our son's graduation. So many memories as they move into a new stage of life.


Brendan’s grad song (My Little Boy's Gone) D4
Verse 1
It seems you were a little boy, not that long ago
With mischief in your eyes and in your grin
It almost seems like yesterday, you were taking your first steps
Now there’s no chance I’ll be keeping up to him
Cause my little boy’s gone, And standing in his place
There’s a fine young man, finding his own way
Follow where God leads son, stay true to who you are
Know wherever the road takes you, you’ll always stay here in my heart
Verse 2
It’s so hard to believe how much, you’ve grown in every way
From the lessons learned, and the stories in your scars
For each of those adventures helped, to shape who you’ve become
Made you strong and kept you reaching for the stars
You’ve changed so much, but there’s still the same glimmer in your eyes
Son, take your stand, and make your mark
Go spread your wings and fly