Album Notes

Gratitude. A thankful heart. A lens to view our days through, and a way of living that most of us need more practice at! God’s word tells us many times to give thanks, and it opens our hearts to recognize and wonder at His goodness that surrounds us. The songs on this album are personal expressions of worship, praise, surrender, awe and gratitude. Several of them contain the word itself, and the others concern blessings and truths that I am so grateful for. Wash Over Me Lord speaks of the pure cleansing water of the Spirit, represented in the cover photo, which also symbolizes for me, God’s life-giving Spirit pouring over and into us, and then flowing out through us – His eternal river which cannot be contained or stopped! That particular song emerged from one of the most profound personal spiritual experiences I have ever had, and it is intensely emotional for me to sing. I believe that comes through in the recording, as does the Spirit, Who so powerfully was present in the studio. All these songs have a backstory of lessons learned, inspiration given, struggles processed, and Divine words breathed. I share them with the hope that they will impact and encourage you as they have me, and with the prayer that God can use them to draw us all deeper into the Living Water and a life of gratitude.

This project was definitely a gift. Completely unexpected. And undoubtedly, orchestrated by the “Tapestry Weaver”. Everything fell into place so quickly and perfectly. And the many prayers encircling this project have been so obviously effective. There have been more than a few overwhelming moments (in a good way!) through this process, and it has been a further lesson in Gratitude

(For more details, see the earlier crowdfunding blog post!)

Once again, I am so incredibly thankful for my brother, Gene, making this possible with his financial support of much of the recording. I also appreciate contributions from others toward this album, and I am especially grateful to my husband, Dennis and our children for their encouragement and love. Always, I am humbled and in awe of what God has entrusted me with. He alone is worthy of praise.

Thank you so much to Steve for his incredible insight, musicianship, arrangements, vocals, mastering and ability to bring out the best with his easy-going demeanor and skillful studio direction. It is such an honour to work with someone of his calibre! Also, I again appreciated how Cole from Contrast Recording seamlessly handled the engineering, made the virtual recording session a breeze, and captured the vocals so well.

I am truly filled with Gratitude!!

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