Breaking Bones and Leaving Home

So, we recently had an eventful week.  Our younger son had his lower leg broken during a high school football game, bringing his season to a disappointing (and painful!) end.  He’s been quite stoic about it all, but for an athletic 16 year-old, being hampered by a cast for 6 weeks isn’t exactly an enjoyable experience!  Combine that with his recently graduated older brother moving away from home to venture out into the work force.  These boys are very close, sharing many common interests, a lifetime of memories and together make a quirky, goofy combination of personalities, creativity, humourous antics and frequent songfests.  They have their typical sibling feuds, but their tight bond makes the parting especially hard.

Change can be exciting, but also difficult.  Many of us hold tightly to the familiar, the predictable, the ordinary.  Stepping out into unknown territory can be uncomfortable and even intimidating.  It’s simply easier to stay where you are and maintain the status quo.  But we don’t grow or develop that way.  New challenges stretch, reshape and strengthen us.  I know this is true, but a mother’s heart sometimes longs to just hold on to what has been.  And, even a teenage heart can struggle to let go of cherished yesterdays.  We are sad to leave behind the treasured moments we’ve become accustomed to, even though we understand that there may be amazing opportunities and experiences ahead.

Yes, change can be hard.  But we have a choice.  Face it with anticipation for what yet can be and with expectation of what lessons we can learn, or, with fear of the hidden challenges and sadness over what we cannot return to.

It’s a fine balancing act – holding the treasures of the past and the torch of the future.  The best thing we can do is offer it all up to the One who encompasses eternity, trusting that He is authoring our story.  He is masterfully pulling together every part of who we were, are, and will be; not wasting any part of the script, but rather, using it to transform us into exactly who He designed us to be. 

Life is a journey, a school, a crucible, a celebration, and an adventure, all transpiring on the steadily flowing waters of time, bordered by the banks of eternity.  So, whether we are 16 or 60, change comes to us all in some form.  It’s up to each of to embrace or contend it. 

Broken bones, leaving home and what mom’s heart knows……

Hard = Strong; Trials = Growth; Trust = Peace, and Hope = God.

Change doesn’t faze or surprise the Changeless One!  He sees the end from the beginning.  In Him (the Father of Lights), there ”is no variableness neither shadow of turning.” (James 1:17b)

Something for moms, teens, and all of us to remember and hold on to.

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