1. Unshakeable

From the recording Unshakeable

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A song of confidence in our Unshakeable, Unmoveable, Unchangeable God! Written in 2007, but meant to share now.


Verse 1
I stand, on a firm foundation,
I’m held in the everlasting arms
I know, that He is unchanging
He’s the solid rock, through all of life’s storms

Unshakeable, is the Christ within me
Unmoveable, He abides forevermore
Unchangeable, He is truth and life eternal
Unshakeable, is Jesus Christ my Lord

Verse 2
He said, that He’d never leave me
He promised to give strength as my day
His life, and His power dwell in me
They enable me to stand firm come what may

I do not trust, in a strength that is my own
My confidence, is in Jesus Christ alone
All things may change, but Jesus stays the same
My hope is sure, forever He remains

© Cyndi Aarrestad, June 10, 2007