1. Come

From the recording Come

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This brand new song was written in a time of prayer, as we face a time of great turmoil and uncertainty in our world. It offers hope in Jesus, and His invitation to COME to Him with our every need and concern, because He is there waiting for us.


Come (C1)
Verse 1 We want to know Your voice And hear what Your are saying We call upon Your name And find you always waiting You long to meet with us You long for us to trust You more, trust You more We want to find real hope, when all around it’s fleeting We search for peace and rest and life that has true meaning We need our souls filled up, from Your eternal cup O Lord, let it pour
Chorus And You say, come thirsty Come weary, come hungry to My door Come empty, come searching Find in Me all that you need and more
Verse 2 You want to draw us close, the invitation's open You hold Your arms out wide, with words of welcome spoken The light and warmth of love You long to share with us, still more, ever more You reach out to our hearts, and offer every blessing And wait to lead us to that place of perfect resting Beside the living stream, where we can be washed clean O Lord, let it pour
Bridge You fill the longing of our souls You’re here to take and make us whole You pour Your life out over us Jesus, Jesus
Come, O come Hear me calling to you,come
Cyndi Aarrestad, March 16,17, 2020