Album Notes

Gratitude. A thankful heart. A lens to view our days through, and a way of living that most of us need more practice at! God’s word tells us many times to give thanks, and it opens our hearts to recognize…

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Album Finalized!!!

It's DONE!!!! And I am so thrilled!  Really, it's been only a little over 3 months, start to finish, so another reason for me to be very grateful.  The official release date on most streaming platforms is April 28th, but…

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Title Reveal!

Well, here it is - the album title is Gratitude.  Thanks again for all those who sent in their guesses.  As mentioned in my last post, several songs contain this word, and the other ones all concern blessings and truths…

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SOON!!! (and Title guesses)

Hi again!  I thought it was time to do another update on the album's progress.  I was hoping it would be ready shortly after Easter, but that may have been a little too optimistic!   We're getting there, but still have…

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Getting Closer! (and Guess the Album Title!)

So pleased that the new album is getting closer to being completed!!  If all goes well, it should be released right around Easter.

I am really looking forward to sharing these songs with you.  They have encouraged and ministered to…

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New album in the works!

In most things in life, there  is more to them than meets the eye.  And, like anything, until you experience it for yourself, you usually aren't fully aware of how much is involved, how much work it takes, and all…

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