A Mother's Legacy

Yesterday we celebrated Mother's Day, and I spent part of the afternoon doing a quick video recording of a song I wrote as a tribute to my precious mother.  I can hardly believe this is my 15th Mother's Day without her!  But the legacy she left us has not diminished, neither has the impact she has had upon our lives.  Her example of love, godliness, selflessness, caring and her hardworking ethic have made an indelible imprint on her children, as well as the many other lives she touched.  She was a woman of small stature, but she was a mighty woman of faith and a powerful prayer warrior.  So much of who I am is because of who she was, and the lessons she taught me are still fresh in my mind.  The older I get, the more I understand what she taught us. and the more I realize the depth of her wisdom and the strength of her character and beliefs.  I am so grateful she lived her life as a demonstration of Christ's love, both to her family, her church, and all she interacted with, and I am forever grateful for the role model of motherhood that she was.  I thank God for placing me in her care, and for the legacy of faith and love she left for our family, knowing that the many prayers she offered are still bearing fruit!  As the song says, Mama's hard-working prayers are what made us who we are.  I celebrate the value of mothers, and pray God's grace, love, joy, wisdom and strength for all those who are filling that role.  Never underestimate the power of a mother's example, prayers and love!!

You can listen to the song on my video page......hope you enjoy it!

Here is a quote I read last week that I want to share:  

"Quite simply, motherhood is a daily decision to paint the ordinary moments of our days with the extraordinary love of Christ." - Alicia Bruxvoort



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