Harvesting Hope

Harvest.  The fruition of much effort and time.  The end result of what is planted - in hopes of much return.  It's the beginnings of harvest here in our area.  Hay is cut and bales are being made.  Beans and peas are being picked and frozen.  Berries are out in abundance, ready for picking, eating and being processed into jam or syrup.  Potatoes and carrots are almost ready to eat.  It's a very busy time, but so worth all the work for what we get to enjoy later.  And there really is nothing as tasty as a meal with produce straight out of the garden!  But there is another harvest we are waiting for as well.  This past week we held our annual VBS in our local church. We invested our time and energy into planting seeds of truth into precious young hearts and lives.  We may not see the result of our labour immediately, but we do it in the hope that some day it will yield a harvest of righteousness.  Some day, we pray that the reality of the songs and lessons about God's love, faithfulness and grace will take root and bear fruit in the lives of those who were there.  God's word NEVER returns to Him void, so we hold onto that promise, and do our small part, trusting that God will bring the increase.  Then this weekend, I was asked to sing at the dedication of a tower for a Christian radio station near one of our local towns.  The desire of those involved is that God's word will be proclaimed through this tool, and touch the lives of those who tune in.  They are praying very sincerely that a word or song of truth or encouragement send out over the airways will minister to people and will bring a harvest of souls.  There's that word again - harvest.  James 5:7;  Matthew 9:36,37; Hosea 10:12; 1 Corinthians 3:6

God is faithful and patient, and He chooses to use each one of His children to shine a bit of His light in our circle of influence.  He expects us to work in partnership with Him to share His love, light and life, and plant seeds of truth and hope wherever we go.  Together we plant in His garden, do the necessary work, and trust His to bring the growth.  We look forward to the ultimate harvest, praying that His will and purpose will be accomplished.  So, keep planting, keep serving, keep faithful.  Reach out to those around you with kindness, mercy, joy, grace, love and especially with the good news that Jesus is our friend, our Saviour, our helper and our hope.  There is light in this dark world, there is an answer and there is Truth.  His name is Jesus and He is waiting for the precious fruit of the earth.  

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