Mercy Calls

Cyndi Aarrestad

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Inspirational songs in an easy-listening, acoustic style with strong Biblical lyrics.

This CD was originally produced as a benefit CD for a friend. It is a collection of mainly previously released songs spanning about 20 years, with a theme of helping/sharing/serving others by showing God's love and mercy. The title song is a recent one (January 2016), inspired by an article on the Good Samaritan by Jeanne Damoff - how we are called to show mercy to people in need, and how that may cost us, whether in time, effort, comfort, money or possessions. I had planned to use it as a download linked to donating to a charity that's important to me, but I never dreamed it would first be used on a CD to help our dear friends and neighbours after a fire destroyed their house. Maybe God was reminding me that charity and mercy is as much needed close to home as across the globe! I hope it brings a blessing to you, and that it inspires you to keep reaching out and making a difference in your world! Together, let's use the gifts God has given us to reach out to others with His love, compassion and hope. All songs (c) Cyndi Aarrestad; this CD (c) 2016

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