Cyndi Aarrestad

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Songs inspired by scripture and in times of prayer - focused on the need for, blessings found in, and the power of prayer. Simple, worshipful songs of encouragement about spending time in God's presence and seeking Him.

Prayer. The lifeline of the Christian. Unlimited access to the full resources of God…. Essential discipline of the faith….Mystery of communion with God….Channel of blessing…Source of strength and comfort...Taught and modelled by Jesus…The one thing His disciples asked that He teach them…

There are so many aspects of prayer and so much encompassed by it. Simple enough for the smallest child to embrace, yet elusive to the reasoning of the human mind. Throughout the Bible and all of human history, prayer has played a pivotal role. It’s influence is immeasurable. Only heaven knows the countless prayers that have been offered and the answers they produced.

Personally, prayer holds a special place in my heart. My mother was a prayer warrior, and I saw firsthand the results of her sincere and fervent cries to the throne. She demonstrated the faithful ministry of an intercessor and through it, left an eternal impact for God’s kingdom. I too have been moved to intercede, and have often felt the weight and the glory of that calling. It is the greatest privilege to wait in the holy presence of the God of the Universe - to lift up your heart, your spirit, your praise, your requests, your needs, your gratitude and your listening ear to Him. To pour out your soul…and then receive the gifts of life and hope that flow from Him. To sense true joy, be overwhelmed with unexplainable peace and be immersed in perfect love. So much that we neglect to access far too often and that we desperately need.

My desire in sharing these songs is that they would draw you into a deeper and richer life of prayer. That they would awaken you to its value and encourage you to make it a priority, and that spending time with God will be an ever greater part of your everyday experience. Blessings await you….

2 Chron. 2:14; Jeremiah 33:3; Luke 11:9; 1 Thes. 5:17; Hebrews 4:16; Phil. 4:6,7; James 5:16; Rom. 8:26

Cyndi Aarrestad: Lead & BG vocals, keyboard, guitar, recording, production, cover design & photo Chandal, Dylan & Brendan Aarrestad: background vocals

Thank you to Dennis and our children for their love, patience and encouragement through this session! (and for lending your voices!) Lord Jesus, I am filled with gratitude for Your gifts, Your presence and Your grace. May these songs bring glory to You!

Dedicated to my mother.....thank you Mom for being such an amazing example of a prayer-filled life.

All songs (c) Cyndi Aarrestad, 2018

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