Lessons From The Word - CD

An easy-listening album that explores Parables and various Scriptures and the lessons taught in them.

Names Of God - CD

This Christian worship CD focuses on the Hebrew names of God and their meanings, which give us a glimpse of His nature and attributes. The simple songs are keyboard/guitar based in a Messianic praise and worship style.

Jesus Loves You - CD

This CD features songs about God's love, grace and forgiveness and portrays the truth of the cross in a very personal and powerful way. It reminds us of our need for salvation, and the amazing gifts of grace and love that God offers to each every person.

Light For My Path - CD

Simple, acoustic praise and worship scripture songs.

Trust and Obey - CD - mP3

Country Gospel CD about trusting and obeying God.

Almighty God - CD

An inspirational country-gospel CD of songs about the greatness of our God.

Rise Up Church - CD

Scripture based worship choruses and songs in an acoustic country gospel/inspirational style.