Jesus Loves You

by Cyndi Aarrestad

Released 2012
Released 2012
This CD features songs about God's love, grace and forgiveness and portrays the truth of the cross in a very personal and powerful way. It reminds us of our need for salvation, and the amazing gifts of grace and love that God offers to each every person.
This project was inspired by a visit to a young offender facility, where we sang and shared the message of God’s love and salvation. Some of the young men had never heard the words “Jesus loves you”, and my heart was burdened for those who had never been told that amazing truth. The title song came the following day, as I so strongly felt this was a message that needed to be proclaimed. I was compelled to create a CD with the theme of God’s love, grace and forgiveness that would portray the truth of the cross in a very personal & powerful way. For those who have never heard about salvation, I pray these songs will touch your heart & prompt you to turn your life over to the God who loves you. For those who have drifted away from your loving Father, may you be drawn back into His welcoming arms. He is waiting for you. And for those are very familiar with Calvary’s story, may these songs awaken a fresh realization of what Jesus did for us.