Almighty God

by Cyndi Aarrestad

Released 2005
Released 2005
An inspirational country-gospel CD of songs about the greatness of our God.
My name is Cyndi Aarrestad, and I am a singer/songwriter, stay-at-home mom living on a farm near a small community in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada. I am married to Dennis, and together we are raising three precious children.

I grew up in a Christian family where singing and music were always a part of our home.
Both of my parents played multiple instruments, and all of us children learned to play several as well. We often sang at senior’s homes and other special events. At about age 14 I started writing songs on the piano, and later learned the guitar which is now what I usually play and compose with. Many of the songs I write are simple praise choruses and children’s songs, but I have also written numerous full-length songs with a style I would describe as a combination of praise/inspirational/country gospel. I have also written and performed many songs customized for special events, such as weddings, dedications, anniversaries, family reunions, Christmas programs, funerals, etc.. I have written over 1,600 songs, and have made 10 recordings in a friend’s home studio, with my latest six recorded at my home. I also had one CD recorded by the CBC for their radio show “Road Records” after being chosen in their contest, and I had a song chosen by a Nashville company to be featured in their demo showcase, which was made available to publishers and performers throughout North America. I have had some recent international radio exposure, including having several songs on the European Country Music charts, and an internet presence on various music sites.

My latest CD is a self-recorded release of songs called “Names Of God” in June, 2014.

I believe God has given me a gift to write music, and I am looking to share these songs, wherever He opens up an opportunity. My desire is to honor & glorify Him by sharing what He has given to hopefully encourage and edify the body of Christ.