We just returned from a youth group camp over the long weekend.  It was a long drive to get there, but so worth the time and effort.  What a blessing to see those young people enjoying each other's company, growing in God's ways, and building relationships that will last forever.  We saw God's hand in so many "little" ways - His timing, His purposes, and His direction.  Lessons were learned by how He moved, and we may never know all that He accomplished in a few short days.  So, I am grateful.  Grateful for His patience when we balk at what He asks us to do, for His blessing that follows when we obey or sacrifice our plans or ideas, and for the precious gift of His Holy Spirit.  Grateful that He places us right where we need to be to fulfill His divine appointments, even when we are unaware of them!   And grateful for His sweet presence that breaks through to bring life, hope, peace, joy, and love and meets us at the point of our need.  There is no substitute for that.  There is nothing that can imitate the Holy presence of the Eternal God or the wonder of Him stooping down to be in the middle of our everyday moments.  It is awe-inspiring to think that He chooses to come when we invite Him - when we call on Him - and make Himself known.  It's not a feeling or an emotion.  It's an amazing KNOWING that He IS who He says He is, and that He pours Himself endlessly into hearts that thirst for the Source of all life and all triuth.  I can't even come close to describing what I feel after the experiences of this weekend.  I simply feel blessed to have been a part of it.  Thank you Father for all You have done, all You are doing, and all that You will do as we move forward, seeking to walk on in Your ways.  In such a precious time I had with one of the staff at the facility we were at, she posed the thought...What would my life look like if I gave God my everything?  What indeed.  I want to find the answer to that.  Let's step out together in faith and watch what God will do in all our lives!  

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