Life is unpredictable.  So many unknowns.  So many unexpected twists and turns in the road. Times of amazing joy.  Times of deep distress and sorrow.  Times of routine and times of spontaneity.  Plans get made, but often they don't turn out quite the way we anticipate.  Sometimes they do, but more often than not, we face circumstances that we hadn't planned on dealing with.  These past few weeks have demonstrated that to me anew. 


Harvest.  The fruition of much effort and time.  The end result of what is planted - in hopes of much return.  It's the beginnings of harvest here in our area.  Hay is cut and bales are being made.  Beans and peas are being picked and frozen.  Berries are out in abundance, ready for picking, eating and being processed into jam or syrup.


This past weekend we went on a short hiking excursion, and once again witnessed the awesome beauty and majesty of the Rocky Mountain landscape.  Although this wasn't a backpacking trip this time, and only lasted two days, we still had to do the hard work of ascending the trails and scrambling up the steep slope.  It was challenging - requiring some endurance, strength, determination, and hope! 


About a week ago (while we were away at Church Camp), we had a crazy storm hit our little rural community.  "Plough winds", along with heavy rain and some hail hit us hard, and left a trail of uprooted trees, a few overturned granaries, and a power outage due to trees falling on power lines.  Our backyard play structure was "canopied" with large fallen trees, making it a true jungle gym!  Branches and leaves covered our property, and trees blocked roads throughout the area.


"I used to ask God to help me.  Then I asked if I might help Him.  I ended up by asking God to do His work through me."  - Hudson Taylor


This past weekend we celebrated a milestone in our family - our son's high school graduation.  The weeks leading up to this special occasion were very busy, as we prepared for it, as well as kept up with the usual hectic schedule that occurs this time of year.  But the day arrived, and whatever wasn't done was. well, left undone!  The important things happened though! 


We just returned from a youth group camp over the long weekend.  It was a long drive to get there, but so worth the time and effort.  What a blessing to see those young people enjoying each other's company, growing in God's ways, and building relationships that will last forever.  We saw God's hand in so many "little" ways - His timing, His purposes, and His direction.  Lessons were learned by how He moved, and we may never know all that He accomplished in a few short days.  So, I am grateful.  Grateful for His patience when we balk at what He asks us to do, for His blessing that follows when we obey or sacrifice our plans or ideas, and for the precious gift of His Holy Spirit.


Yesterday we celebrated Mother's Day, and I spent part of the afternoon doing a quick video recording of a song I wrote as a tribute to my precious mother.  I can hardly believe this is my 15th Mother's Day without her!  But the legacy she left us has not diminished, neither has the impact she has had upon our lives.  Her example of love, godliness, selflessness, caring and her hardworking ethic have made an indelible imprint on her children, as well as the many other lives she touched.  She was a woman of small stature, but she was a mighty woman of faith and a powerful prayer warrior.  


It's been AGES since I've written here!  I had good intentions of sharing fabulous inspiring thoughts much more often, but...well, life just got in the way!  The time has come to change intentions into actuality!  My daughter's efforts to revamp my out-of-date website today has inspired me to commit to making my blog entries on a more regular and consistent basis.  I hope to share simple life lessons, spiritual observations, inspiring quotes and scriptures, and frequent words of encouragement.  We can all learn from each other on our journey through life, and the gifts we are each entrusted with are given for us to use for the benefit of one another, and to honour and magnify our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  I hope to bring a small blessing to someone's day when they read the humble offerings I print here.  From small beginnings come great things....

"If the Lord be with us, we have no cause to fear.  His eye is upon us, His arm over us, His ear open to our prayer." - Andrew Murray

Blessings to you, my friends.  Go in the grace, joy, strength and peace of God.  Until next time...stay strong in Him!


It's been quite a while since I posted on just seems to keep me busy!!  As we've gone through the first few weeks of this new year, I have been reflecting on different things.  I've been encouraged by various devotionals and messages to give myself afresh to God...surrendering my life anew, each day, and anticipating the adventures and lessons He is going to bring me through and teach me.  

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